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United States, Britain, Germany, France and other countries a number of authorized invention patent, and in 2003 or 510 k to the FDA certification, in recent years, with the peoples liberation army general hospital to rescue the wounded cooperation to jointly develop nano silver eye ophthalmic products, and applied for a patent for invention. In order to improve the production environment and meet the demand of overseas markets, the company in 2006 moved to zhuhai from shenzhen hi-tech zone, build medical products GMP workshop, in 2007 passed the ISO9001, hl-tech corporation system certification and CE product certification, and in April 2013 by medical equipment production and the quality control standard GMP site acceptance, lay a good foundation for further development.
"Safe" and "credible" is believed its company name the best interpretation, is essence nano biotechnology (zhuhai) co., LTD., has always been the pursuit of goals. Company will with support, nanotechnology in biomedical field as the main body, gradually to the environmental protection, textiles, develop the field of fine chemical industry, daily chemical, etc. With an open technology leading to seek the common development of enterprise itself and the technology, nano science and technology to daily life, let everyone share high-tech achievements of natural, environmental protection and high quality of life.
Now products include: 1, medical dressings: burn stick, nano post trauma;
2, daily necessities: nano silver antibacterial masks, nano silver anti-bacterial underwear, nano silver antibacterial towel, nano silver antibacterial socks, fresh series (cling film, preservation boxes, bags, etc.);
3, disinfection hygiene products: sanitizing gel silver nanoparticles, nano silver gynecological lotion;

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